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A low carb diet limits the amount of unhealthy carbohydrates in your diet. After all, carbohydrates are everywhere. If you’ve ever had bread or just a banana, then you probably have eaten them at some point. Carbohydrates are the sugars found in grains, fruits, vegetables and some milk products. They are important as they are the body’s main source of fuel.

There are two types of carbohydrates: the “good” kind which helps you feel fuller – which causes you to have extra energy and be less hungry in the long-term. Then there is the “bad” kind which doesn’t have tons of fiber and is mostly found in refined grains and sugars. Think white bread or pasta. These spike your blood-sugar levels and cause the opposite reaction. It causes your body to feel tired and in some cases – even more hungry.

So, what’s the deal with a low carb diet?

noodles, pasta, carbohydrates, carbs
The Purpose Of A Low Carb Diet

Most people go on a low carb diet to lose weight. Fatty foods such as burgers, hot-dogs, pasta, or even pizzas all contain a substantial amount of bad carbs. So, what happens when you cut them off? You reduce your daily calorie intake.

If the calories consumed are less than calories you burn in a day, you lose weight. For most people the ideal daily intake of calories sits between 2000 calories for women, and 2500 for men.

To give you some perspective, a single big mac equals a whopping 550 calories. Using the McDonald’s Nutrition Calculator – adding a medium-sized fry and a medium-sized coke turns your meal into 1080 calories.

That’s half of your daily intake in one meal. But, you will definitely get hungry later right?

You will find similar results in most high-carb diets, so when cutting these off, it makes sense that some weight loss begins to happen.

The Works Of A Low (Bad) Carb Diet

Going on a diet does not equal eating foods that you do not like. In fact, many people go on a low carb diet just because the foods simply taste better. Apart from the benefits of weight loss, a low carb diet also provides numerous nutrients that increase well being.

A lack of carbohydrates means an improvement in the overall amount of protein and healthy fats. Protein is an essential nutrient in building muscle, and maintaining a healthy weight.

What To Eat In A Low Carb Diet?

Choosing whole grains, fruits, and vegetables are great ways to increase your source of natural carbohydrates and diversify your foods. Natural carbohydrates are broken more slowly by your body which gives your body time to regulate blood sugar levels in normal amounts.

In a low carb you must avoid foods or snacks that contain refined flours such as cookies, candy, sweets, and sugary sodas. These jump start the sugar absorbed by your bloodstream which results in insulin being released. Insulin breaks down glucose. The influx of sugars in the bloodstream makes your body go in “save” mode and the broken down sugars then are converted to fat.

Wrapping It Up

A low carb diet has many benefits. These can range from appetite suppression, faster weight loss, reducing blood sugar levels, and making you feel better overall.

Cutting off bad carbs can be a difficult task – but starting slow and setting goals are the keys to success. This means just eating one less fast-food meal a week can make a huge difference.

You can start a low carb diet to see if it works for you. Making the effort is the beginning of having a healthier body and mind. Plus, I am sure you will enjoy the wide-selection of a low carb diet as well.