Rating: 9/10

Zen was one of my first products that I purchased on Amazon in my journey to find something that actually works for anxiety relief. At this point in my life I had very low energy, had insomnia and after going to the doctors, I was diagnosed, and was prescribed anxiolytic meds.

The medication that my doctor gave was an SSRI, very commonly known as Zoloft or Sertraline. This medication gave me relief from anxiety, but made me feel really tired and unmotivated. Everyday simple tasks such as working on my projects and just being productive in general became increasingly difficult. I had trouble processing my emotions, had random sprouts of between happiness and sadness, and felt very numb. The doctor then recommended switching to a different type of SSRI, as different SSRI’s can have a wide range of side effects, so I could find one that would work for me. This is when I decided to quit the pharmaceutical route and go for a natural route. I started to slowly wean off my anxiety medications.

If you are taking SSRI’s please do not go cold turkey, as your body needs time to go back to it’s normal levels of the affected chemicals/hormones. Consider weaning off and remember to consult your doctor.

Fast forward to a few weeks later…

One thing I do almost daily is shop on Amazon. I decided to do my own research to find out what would work, so I searched, and read dozens of reviews. Honest reviews are very hard to find nowadays, so, I filtered them by verified purchases and accounts with a decent review history. I was surprised by the overwhelming positive feedback, so I caved and bought a bottle for $20 at 11 PM on a Thursday.


The bottle arrived Friday morning, as I chose overnight for the order (Amazon never fails to amaze with its blazing fast delivery times) at this point, it was the end of the wean-off of my SSRI. (four weeks, from 75mg to final dose of 25mg), the anxiety was starting to come back in strong waves. so I opened the bottle and took the first dose (2 capsules), capsules were moderately sized, so not too hard to swallow.

Reviews on Amazon mentioned near instant effects, however, I did not feel a difference until the second day – when I woke up. Mornings for me are rough, usually wake up feeling not completely rested and can even be a little grumpy. However, I woke up with a new feeling, something different – I had a COMPLETELY random burst of energy and was ACTUALLY excited to get on with my day. I thought it was the placebo effect, so I took a shower, took my next dose and got ready for work.

Social anxiety sucks, and I remember CONSTANTLY having awkward conversations with my co-workers. I had the general anxiety symptoms – my mind habitually went blank during basic questions, heart paced and a bad case of the sweats. I kept taking the supplement as I had my hopes high and to give my body time to adapt.

By my second week of taking the supplement, my anxiety literally MELTED away. I finally had control, could hold conversations, think about my word choice and even started conversations with my co-workers. I have not felt this good, this confident, this energetic, and anxiety-free in such a long time.

I was curious, as I was taught from a very young age that the only way to fix a health problem is to take medications, but never truly learned about natural supplements.


Ashwaganda, L-Theanine, Rhodiola Rosea, Bacopa, and Lemon Balm all have scientific studies with evidence-backed conclusions that they DO in fact, help with anxiety & stress. More deep and through posts about the ingredients are linked below:

I stopped going to the gym for months, as when I was on the SSRI’s I felt drained and didn’t have motivation to go but after controlling my anxiety, I had tons of more energy and started my gym grind. (More on that later)

I had a sense of general calmness, I stopped worrying about the small daily things, and finally let go. This helped me improve my relationships, be more productive and feel happier about my life.

To this day, I still take Zen and it’s considerably IMPROVED my quality of life greatly. I feel like myself, I am more confident and feel in control. I highly recommend giving it a try, and if you want to keep looking, check out our other product reviews and supplement articles.